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((Oh my god I need to start rping again. But at the end of the month I’m becoming a counselor at a camp and I’ll be away for 5 weeks because we aren’t allowed to use electronics there so I don’t know if I should start again and disappoint you all when I disappear again…))

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When I become famous I’m not going to read things from magazines or anything professional that’s been written about me or anything I do.

What I am going to do is keep my tumblr account or maybe make a new one dedicated to myself and I’ll go through my tag and make references to my fandoms during interviews.

And I’ll read all the stuff that has to do with me from my tumblr fans and those will be the only ones I actually care about.

And I’ll gain a whole bunch of fans who like me because I’m “geeky” but don’t actually understand what I’m referencing or why my jokes are funny.

But then I’ll gain tumblr fans and they’ll be like: “She’s one of us.”

And I actually will be one of them but no one will know.

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anon me 5 things you would put on a pentagram to summon me





Well this could get interesting…

is anyone even still up

oh man

I like this one. Best answer wins a prize.

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where’s the auto reblog

no highlighting text

what else haven’t I noticed?

Tumblr you’re making me really uncomfortable right now

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